NM2.2 cover

This is a first draft for the NM 2.2 cover. Based on a well known Bond image, with a few tweaks. I am over the half way stage with this book, so it will be finished this year. Then i will be allowed to leave the house for something more interesting than the day job.
This is all being drawn in Manga studio, a great programme for drawing the comics stuff. I have also started using Rescue time, which logs all the screen activity. It’s been fascinating to see how much time I’ve been wasting, that is now converted into productive time.
I have also signed up to Painting Drama busy learning composition. There is an article in this months Imagine FX mag, and you can always check out Chris’s site.
I will blog more about this soon, but after week 7 I have learnt a lot of stuff that has been missing in my process. The eventual goal is to start regular colour work …