Black Leather update

I’m currently drawing issue three. There has been a slight delay due to my move to Hull. It was recently reviewed by Richard Bruton at Comicon.

Now, through both issues, whether it’s me expecting it from previous readings of Noble’s wonderfully, frustratingly, complex stories, full of deeper meaning than what’s there on the page, or whether it’s actually there more than just that initial discovery, I’m still not quite sure, but, through it all, there’s a sense of something darker happening or promising to happen. All this lightness and fun is merely the build-up to something more. And that’s the thing that really got me deep into Black Leather and made it so damn enjoyable.

Thanks, Richard.

Douglas has completed all 5 scripts, and it’s great. He’s produced a really compelling version of an idea I’ve had in my head for far to long. Really looking forward to drawing the rest of the story.

Drawing comics can be very labour intensive and a break is really welcome. So to mix things up I take the characters and use them in other forms. Cut-out dioramas are currently my thing.

Here is a recent example. More soon.

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