The Voice of the Hall

The Voice Of The Hall – published by Soaring Penguin

If walls could talk, what tales would they tell? The Voice of the Hall is the history of the Hornsey Town Hall – the first major UK building built in the modernist style. Spanning its 80-year life, and with developers currently closing in, the story is told with an awareness of an approaching end. What is gained and what is lost with the advance of progress? And how much influence do the public have in shaping or preserving their own communities and public spaces?

I have been getting a lot of really good responses about the book. But I have also had it pointed out that is difficult to find a copy. A quick look online backs this up. Myself and Soaring Penguin are in the process of correcting this.

The following links are where it is avaible. I would suggest trying me or SP at the moment.

If you want to buy it direct form me – Phatcomics shop.
Soaring Penguin can be found here.
Amazon Link
Waterstones, who have been very supportive.
Turnaround distrubitors.

It’s not in any comic shops, an issue that is being discussed at the moment. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.
If you are a comic store and are interested in stocking this book, please get in touch.

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