Sketchbook – 1983 plus full cover image

This is another page from the sketchbook collection. It’s called 1983  ( Surprise, huh !).  That is the year that Black leather takes place in. Well the main part of it anyway. Below is the full image of the cover for the sketchbook. I realise that these images are not sequential and are probably of little interest to anyone expecting comics from me. But sometimes it’s important to step outside and get some fresh air.

The 1983 image was made by tearing up several ‘failed’ watercolours and joining them together again and painting over them with gesso and ink.

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Sketchbook 2012 – Untitled

( Click for bigger size )

This is a page from a sketchbook I’m compiling for the summer con season. It will be filled with colour two page spreads. But i’m quite nervous about a non – narrative  so have been writing speech balloons over some images along with random text. Although the end result is unclear at the moment, these should look great at the A4 size publication  format.

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Sketchbook 2012 – 3

I started a series of watercolours last December to try out some colour ideas. There was a lot of noodling in the drawing, no real images emerging. I now have a stack of these things with no narrative to connect them. So i decided to start scribbling on them in Photoshop. That’s pretty much it.

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