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  • News and update 2.9.15

    Autumn is starting to put in a bid for attention. This is the start of really busy con season starting in a couple of weeks with S.P.X – more details later. But firstly, if you are in Covent Garden tomorrow then please drop by the Poetry Cafe for the launch of Over The Line. I…

  • Tracks – FP review

    Tracks has been reviewed by Richard Bruton on the Forbidden Planet blog. Richard ( And FP) have ben very supportive of my work over a number of years. So any review is always welcomed by me. Thanks 🙂 Please follow and like us:

  • Tracks – Availble

    Tracks is now available in Orbital. Also copies of Rain On Glass. Orbital is great shop, go and say hello to Camila in the West Wing. Go here 🙂   Please follow and like us:

  • Tracks

    I have a new comic available called Tracks. It is similar in theme to my previous outings, Rain on Glass, Same Day return etc. It’s 32 pages and will sell for £4. There is no longer an online store to purchase these. So to buy a copy it’s either con appearances or hopefully Gosh and…

  • Tracks – cover

    The cover for my next comic, Tracks. The bright colours represent lighter material inside. None of that dark stuff. More soon… Please follow and like us:

  • Tracks – Panel

    Well, 10.000 weeks later and I am putting together Tracks in preparation for print. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. If it all comes together, Tracks will be for sale at the Alternative Press take over. I will be tabling with Francesca, and Next to Sally-Anne. Please follow and like us:

  • Update 30/4/15

    Here is a page from the never ending project, TRACKS. It’s been 64 weeks since I last published a comic. This will be ready next week. Honest. Please follow and like us:

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