TCAF 2017


TCAF 2017 was an excellent event. Thanks to the Beguiling and the volunteers that made it a really great event. I managed to get along to a few events before the weekend, which involved me rarely leaving my table on the second floor. Friday was a busy day that involved going along to 3 panels and then later in the evening Dave Mckeans performance of Black Dog at the Masonic Temple. Saturday was a busy day. Joe Decie saved me from a Saturday lonely dinner by inviting me along with Jon Martzs’ party. After dinner we all went along the Doug Wright awards, that was very interesting. Amongst all the nominations was recognition of 10 years of Koyama press. Annie would demonstrate on Sunday why she Is (rightly) considered one of the best ( was very kind to me at my table ). After the awards I drifted off to The Pilot ( Sorry, Joe ) and hung out with Avery Hill and my hostel buddy, Gareth.
Sunday was a gentler day, still busy, but more of an opportunity to get round and see a few people. Managed to find Joe Kessler and buy all his new stuff, including his excellent model zine. I was in good company throughout the weekend, I had Top Shelf on one side and spent a lot of time talking James Albon, and with my table pal Aron Navrady.
The weekend passed quickly, there was a fun after party on the Sunday evening, then it was all over.
Monday was gallery day in which myself and Gareth visited a shoe museum by mistake.
Then it was time to leave Toronto and an excellent TCAF 2017.
In conclusion TCAF is an amazing event. It has grown since my last visit ( 2013) but  has maintained the friendly, welcoming atmosphere that makes this such a go-to event.


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TCAF – 2017

I’m getting really excited now. I will be flying to Toronto on Thursday for TCAF 2017. The last time I was at this show was in 2013. TCAF is an awesome event run by people that really care for everyone taking part. I have aways had a good time and I expect this trip will be no different. Soon as I have table details I will update this blog.

Yay !






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TCAF 2017 – Accepted

I woke up to some great news. My application for TCAF 2017 has been accepted.

I love TCAF, its a great event, very inspiring. I will be taking my Voice Of the Hall roadshow.

More on this soon.

Happy new year !


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TCAF blog at FP

Forbidden Planet blog has posted my report from TCAF 2013. Previous posting about the festival can be read here and here. Photos can be viewed here.

Reading the text again, I realised I had made a large omission. I forgot to thank Gina Gagliano, sorry Gina. Thank you for all the energy you put into making TCAF the event it is.

Dustin Harbin expands on the role of Gina, volunteers and then you can follow the link trail about TCAF and free events.

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TCAF 2013

TCAF floor plan

The next gig on this year convention tour is TCAF. I am really looking forward to this event.

I wrote about my previous visits for the FP Blog. Here are some photos as well.

It’s a great experience to see cartoonists and work that has inspired and informed my own. It’s an event that fills me with enthusiasm for carrying on.

I always want to return with better comics than the previous year. With that in mind, these are the comics I will be bringing along.

Twelve Hour Shift, Dark Matters, Necessary Monster 2:1,2:2, Same Day Return and Trees.

Come to TCAF 2013 – It’s a welcoming and inspiring experience. Come along and say hello 🙂

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