2015 – A year in comics

2015 was an eventful year.

I quit my day job to become self employed. Took part in lots of comic events, published some work folded my self-publishing venture Phatcomics and retired from convention tabling. Okay I will try to keep this short. 


( Bristol 2004 – perfecting the miseryface that has attracted so much custom )

Comics Are amazing. I still feel this.

Conventions have been a major part of my comic life for 13 years. This year was no different. Angouleme, S.P.X, Thought Bubble and Malta were the main events. I blogged about some of these events, but it was during the Bristol Zine event that I decided to stop self-publishing, ending Phatcomics. Shortly after I decided to end tabling at conventions  as well. It was in this blog that outline that I never intended to be a self-publisher and spend so much time tabling.

Malta Comic Con was my last event and it was lovely way to ‘retire’.

One other con event was the second Crouch End Cartoon Art Fest. (CECAF) this was a really good day, and it seemed to go well for exhibitors and punters. I hope to organise something in 2016.

The actual comic making was productive in 2015. Started on Necessary Monsters Volume 3. Two parts have been completed , and I’m having a great time drawing Daniels script. Other Monster developments included A First/ Devils Due team up and Volume one being re-released through Diamond.

I made a new autobio – Tracks, a couple of sketchbooks, something called The Crust. I had work in two fantastic anthologies- A bit of undigested potato, and Over The Line, poetry and comics.

I was also interviewed on Inkstuds, which was amazing.

I also had a few events around Crouch End as part of the festival, which was a lot of fun.

I was going to write about stuff outside comics, but I will save this for another time.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to support me this year. It has been a massive help. Here’s to a great 2016 !


( Leeds – 2015 )

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Commission poll questionare

I will be at Thought Bubble and Malta.
I do a lot of con sketching, and always happy to oblige.
But I would really like to offer some quality work. Mostly my
work is on as a quick Instagram post via a blurry photo.
Although a majority of my comic work is digital, I still make a lot of Analogue illustrations.

I have never considered taking on commission for conventions.
Do you think there would be interest.

Throwing this to the Interweb

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Convention appearances 2015

Wow – it’s August. Where is the year going ?

I have a few con gigs coming up later this year.

Sept – S.P.X.

October –  Bristol Zine Fair

November – Thought Bubble

December – Malta Comic Con

Full details closer to the events. if you are going to be at any of these, get in touch. It would be good to meet up 🙂

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Tube sketch – 25.2.13



I have reverted to sketching during my tube journey to work. Lunch breaks are being used for writing my new comic, so no tree drawings for a while.

This was blue pencil, and I have tried to preserve this in the scan, rather than threshold it. This is why the other side of the page can be seen.

In other news, Thought Bubble 2013 exhibitor tables sold out in a few hours. I missed out, so will enter myself in the reserve lottery. It shows what a good reputation TB has gained.

If you are in London, pop into Orbital where you will find Same Day Return and Necessary Monsters 2.1 on sale.


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Same Day Return

Same Day Return was debuted at Thought Bubble last. It has received a very positive response so far. Always a relief to get a response, it’s still an exciting experience.
MOMB podcast gave some airtime to reviewing SDR, thank you Jane and the gang. Nice to see you at Leeds. Matt Badham included it in his list of buys from TB.

This collection of diary and sketchbook work features some experiments in non-linear narrative that I think Azzopardi should develop further in future comics.

Matt has been a massive supporter of my output for a long time, and this paragraph was very perceptive. Non – linear was something new to MY writing, and it was good to read it being noticed. Thanks Matt.

Richard Bruton has just posted a review on  the Forbidden Planet Blog. Some very interesting observations.

This is more free-ranging, a comic reflecting a thought process, memory firing off in all directions, today, last week, 31 years ago, all at once it seems. In here you’re see Azzopardi fall back on his ‘tales of comics UK’ default only occasionally, instead focusing on memory, past lives, friends unseen for years, revisiting old haunts, familial remembrance. It’s complex, wide-ranging stuff.

Thanks for this, Richard.

Chris and Taylor have reviewed Same Day Return on the recent Pop culture hound podcast.

Poopsheet Foundation  have coverd a bunch of my comics, including Same day Return.

This is Azzopardi’s best work to date and something I recommend without qualification.

Andy Oliver has reviewed SDR for his Comics Pressgang column.

‘The Day of Goodbye!’ that juxtaposes an awkward leaving party with death of a friend’s mother to dramatic effect, allowing perspective, and separating life’s trivial annoyances from its truly affecting moments of loss.’

If you are interested in buying SDR then please have a look at some images and then the shop page.
If any more reviews or responses appear they will be added to this post.
Thanks for reading.

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Same Day Return – final update

As mentioned yesterday my comic shipment arrived. So it’s on for Thought Bubble. Details can be found here about were my Thought Bubble table is situated, and ordering online. This comic took nearly a year to complete but the extra time taken was worth it, to me. It was important to get another one of these diary comics completed, as I will be buried deep in the monster lair for a good part of next year. Anyway, day job onwards.

( I’m really looking forward to this weekend at Thought Bubble. Time goes by so quickly and there are so many good people that Irarely get to see now. it’s awesome that many of the people I started out with are getting the attention they deserve. Happy thoughts :))

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Same Day Return – Page 15 ( Ordering info too ! )

Hello and good morning. Here is another page from my new comic, Same Day Return. It will be available at this weekends Thought Bubble event. Come and visit me at table 106. (See floor plan below). If you can’t make it to Leeds, then it can be ordered here along with other fine comics.

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