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  • Gone North ( Working title )

    Been a bit quiet here. Mainly due to some paid work, and Monsters taking up my time. Here is a sketch for the cover of my follow on to Tracks. The working title is Gone North, but that is likely to change. Most of the pencils are completed, seems to be coming along real quick.  …

  • Sketchbook – 26.6.13

    Lunch break sketch from yesterday. Hyde park – pencil on paper. Completed prints from these sketches can be purchased from my shop. If you would like regular up dates of these posts, please add yourself to the mailing list. Please follow and like us:

  • Biteface

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  • Tube sketch – 25.2.13

      I have reverted to sketching during my tube journey to work. Lunch breaks are being used for writing my new comic, so no tree drawings for a while. This was blue pencil, and I have tried to preserve this in the scan, rather than threshold it. This is why the other side of the…

  • The repetition man

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  • Sketchbook – 25/08/12

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  • Blood Blokes – Douglas

    This is a fan art sketch of Douglas, a character from Blood Blokes. Created by Adam Cadwell and available from Great Beast. Please follow and like us:

  • Sketchbook 2012 – Platform waiting to travel

    This is a sketch for a new Wallace Sendek page. Sendek was a collaboration between myself and Douglas. We then followed this up with Built of Blood and Bricks. At the moment Douglas is working on our new project called Pirouette. We are trying to get the work completed and collected for my trip to TCAF. Wish…

  • Angouleme Sketches – Chris Ware

    This is my last Angouleme 2012 post finishing a week after the festival closed. This is a Sketch of Chris Ware, from memory as he didn’t make it to the festival. I also wrote a blog post for FP and it can be read here. Time to be getting on with new stuff and preparations…

  • Angouleme sketch – Charles Burns

    After the Saturday events our happy group went for a meal and we were provided with brown paper place-mats. Naturally the pens and pencils came out and we personalised them. I was trying to describe to Sally anne what Charles Burns looked like as we failed to get into his talk. This was from memory…

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