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  • The-Voice-Of-The-Hall-cover.jpg

    The Voice Of The Hall update

    Soaring Penguin, the publisher of The Voice Of The Hall will have advance copies available for CECAF 2018. This is great news ! Please go here for more festival info. Please follow and like us:

  • Twelve Hour Shift – Ten years old !

    ( Comica, ICA. 2007) It’s ten years since my first comic with a spine was self-published. Twelve Hour Shift took four years to complete. Compared to Comics that followed that was quite a short period of time. I had no idea what I was doing, making it up as went along. I created a stand-in,…

  • The Voice Of The Hall – Update

    It’s been a year since I was awarded an Arts Council grant to work on my first graphic novel. That time has just flown past. So where is the book ? Well, my actual deadline is December, for completing the work. At this moment it’s on schedule. 75% of the pages are drawn and coloured,…

  • Necessary Monsters update

      Necessary Monsters has been quiet for over 18 months. But it lives. Work has started on part 5 of volume three. Wait, volume three? When did this start ? Anyone that has followed Necessary Monsters from the beginning is probably aware that this is a project with a very messed up and idiosyncratic production…

  • Comics on sale

    If you can’t make Thought Bubble this weekend, there a few places to buy my comics. Digital options Comixology Gumroad Amazon kindle For everything else have a look in the shop.   Thank you and if you are in Leeds this weekend, say hello.     Please follow and like us:

  • Gumroad shop

    Phatcomics has opened a shop on Gumroad. If you like comics and want digital downloads, then this will be a good place to start. Please share and tell your friends.   Thank you. Please follow and like us:

  • Thought Bubble table 40

    Here is a floorpan and location map. I will be in Victoria Hall sharing table 40 with Douglas Noble. I will be selling everything that is available in the Phatcomics shop, plus showing a folio of work from The Voice Of The Hall. It’s going to be great.   Please follow and like us:

  • 50 – Reviewed at Broken Frontier

    50 has received a generous review at Broken Frontier. Don’t miss out on it because this is prime Azzopardi at the absolute top of his game. Without a doubt, one of the standout graphic memoirs of 2017 so far.   Andy and everyone involved does an amazing job covering the huge amount of comics that…

  • TCAF 2017

      TCAF 2017 was an excellent event. Thanks to the Beguiling and the volunteers that made it a really great event. I managed to get along to a few events before the weekend, which involved me rarely leaving my table on the second floor. Friday was a busy day that involved going along to 3…

  • Sean Azzopardi @TCAF – TABLE 287

    I will be on the second floor at table 287. Drop by and say hello. Please follow and like us:

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