Manchester MCM Comics Village

Today iI am travelling to the north for the Manchester MCM.It’s been a long time since I was last in Manchester, 1986 I think.

My table number for the event is CA 12.

Please drop by and say hello. I will have a couple of Necessary Monsters trades, plus issue one and two. Twelve Hour Shift, Dark Matters, Same Day Return. Plus a bunch of prints, including the latest batch.


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Rain on glass – full spread

Inside cover


This is the full ( Draft ) image for the inside front cover, so it will be split over two pages. Standard  for my comics having the comic title and page contents. It’s nice to know what’s ahead.

I like the look of the finish  these pages. Using a brush to render has a quality that really appeals to me. There is the opportunity to be smooth with the finish, but what I enjoy is the random malfunctions.

I’m going to stay with this approach. What do you think? Do you think this approach works? Does this appeal to you in any way. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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NM 2.2 – cover ( First draft )

NM2.2 cover

This is a first draft for the NM 2.2 cover. Based on a well known Bond image, with a few tweaks. I am over the half way stage with this book, so it will be finished this year. Then i will be allowed to leave the house for something more interesting than the day job.
This is all being drawn in Manga studio, a great programme for drawing the comics stuff. I have also started using Rescue time, which logs all the screen activity. It’s been fascinating to see how much time I’ve been wasting, that is now converted into productive time.
I have also signed up to Painting Drama busy learning composition. There is an article in this months Imagine FX mag, and you can always check out Chris’s site.
I will blog more about this soon, but after week 7 I have learnt a lot of stuff that has been missing in my process. The eventual goal is to start regular colour work …

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