Tracks – Availble

Tracks is now available in Orbital. Also copies of Rain On Glass.
Orbital is great shop, go and say hello to Camila in the West Wing.

Go here 🙂


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Update and sketches

Last weekend I had a small trip away that was not comic related. It was lovely.

I have been busy trying to get work completed for Thought Bubble/Malta. I missed MCM, I had double booked.

Necessary Monsters 3 is ready, and also a new tiny comic, called heads. Getting it together, slowly. ( Work still to complete – Necessary Monsters 4, Rain on Glass and Red Wine and Nuts. )


It’s Comiket today, but i’m a no – show,  (double booked, again).  But please go if you can as its a great day full of lots of inspiring people and work.

Richard Bruton has featured Necessary Monsters on The FP Blog. Andy Oliver celebrates 2 years of Small press-ganged and Dark Matters gets a mention.

Here are new versions of the sketches I posted a few weeks ago. These are to try tone. Also some sort of environment has surfaced. This has suggested landscape over portrait.




Street 1


Street 2

Street 3

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Rain On Glass cover

Rain On Glass

This is the line work for the cover of a new comic Rain On Glass. I have blogged various versions of this. Colour to be added which should be a challenge as the character is looking through a window at glass bongs on glass shelves. I will probably fudge the reflection/refraction bits. This is not 3d modelling, don’t you know.

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Rough sketch for a page in Rain on Glass. Off to Manchester now. Have  a great weekend 🙂

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