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  • Tracks – Availble

    Tracks is now available in Orbital. Also copies of Rain On Glass. Orbital is great shop, go and say hello to Camila in the West Wing. Go here 🙂   Please follow and like us:

  • Update and sketches

    Last weekend I had a small trip away that was not comic related. It was lovely. I have been busy trying to get work completed for Thought Bubble/Malta. I missed MCM, I had double booked. Necessary Monsters 3 is ready, and also a new tiny comic, called heads. Getting it together, slowly. ( Work still…

  • Rain On Glass cover

    This is the line work for the cover of a new comic Rain On Glass. I have blogged various versions of this. Colour to be added which should be a challenge as the character is looking through a window at glass bongs on glass shelves. I will probably fudge the reflection/refraction bits. This is not…

  • Dizzy

      Rough sketch for a page in Rain on Glass. Off to Manchester now. Have  a great weekend 🙂 Please follow and like us:

  • Feedback

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  • Rain on Glass – Mary Chain sketch

    This is a sketch for a panel in a strip called, On tour with the Mary Chain. A tale of going on tour following a band. Please follow and like us:

  • Rain on glass – full spread

      This is the full ( Draft ) image for the inside front cover, so it will be split over two pages. Standard  for my comics having the comic title and page contents. It’s nice to know what’s ahead. I like the look of the finish  these pages. Using a brush to render has a…

  • Rain on Glass – Inside cover

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  • Rain on Glass – cover ink

    So far this year has been a REAL struggle with the creative stuff. it feels as though I’m getting slower and have actually gone into reverse. It has been a really frustrating six months. Around the half way point of a year I lie to add up the amount of work produced and estimate what…

  • Park summer 2

    This is a cleaned up version of yesterday sketch post. These drawings seem to be well received, but i need to post some comic work at some point. I am a bit mixed up. I am posting comic work at the Oatley Academy, sketchbook stuff on this blog, comic pages on Tumblr. It’s all very…

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