Phatcomics process – Part 1

So how do I make my comics ? I get asked this a lot. There is so much info online about the process of comic making and production, is there any need for me to add to the pile?

Probably not.

But if one piece of info helps to bring someone into comics, helps someone get round a tricky problem then it’s gotta be worth it.

To start this I will talk about my set – up. The first part is the digital set – up. As you can see from the photo, it’s a basic set – up. My computer is a terribly out of date iMac from 2007, i’m waiting for it to finally give up. It’s certainly wheezing it’s way to the finish line. Attached to this is an Epson A4 scanner, Epson A3 printer and a Cintiq 22hd. If you are in two minds about switching to drawing on tablet.

Don’t be.

It’s awesome.

So software, Manga studio 5, And a bunch of ancient Adobe software.

I love digital, and it’s great to work in a time where this no longer talking point, are you trad or digital.


This not to say that I don’t work with analogue tools, as I do. This will be featured in the part two.

But the point is that no on has ever said to me that they didn’t like my comics because they were drawn on a computer, it isn’t even a consideration.

So, I hope to go into more depth once I’ve completed the studio walk round.


Until then,




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Rain on Glass – cover ink

ROG cover

So far this year has been a REAL struggle with the creative stuff. it feels as though I’m getting slower and have actually gone into reverse.

It has been a really frustrating six months. Around the half way point of a year I lie to add up the amount of work produced and estimate what I can complete before the years out.

Not this time.

Part of the problem is drawing digitally. I love working in Manga Studio, and it’s part of a process for working on Necessary Monsters.

But for me, it’s a procrastination process.

I have software for logging my time, blocking the internet etc. But I’m weak and still waste time.

So this weekend I broke out the brush and ink equipment, and in a few hours had inked four pages of my next comic Rain on Glass.

The image above is for the cover.

I may start counting the amount of work produced soon 🙂

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Sketchbook 2012 – 1

This is the first work posted in 2012. I have been adding colour to sketchbook work, so its a bit free form at the moment. the intention is to develop more colour work with a view to making colour comics. Sort of catching up with the 21st century.
I draw with a dead line in my sketchbooks, then add colour in Photoshop. Fairly standard so far.

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Pub Singer

Pub Singer

I am in the middle of making my next mini comic, Eight Tablet Dream. I love the process of making these comics and have made over 30 of them over the past ten years. But it can be  really frustrating  seeing all the gorgeous colour artwork  posted on a daily basis, then looking at my grey lumpen efforts. Earlier this year watercolors were the way forward, a blaze of colour, but that faded away.

So what i’ve posted is a traced ( From Photo source),  image that i started to colour last night. When i’m trying new approaches, styles, methodology i don’t really care about how the source material arrives. So traced and then interpreted then coloured.

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