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  • Nurse Trexate

    Another MCM sketch. Tomorrow is my quarterly Psoriasis hospital check. Last time involved a series of light treatments, which cleared my skin. Sadly it’s a short-term measure and my skin is slowly returning to its normal flaky state. I’ve been taking Methotrexate for two years, but this only prevents outbreaks. The next stage, if i…

  • Cold hands

    This is a sketch from a bunch made at last weekends MCM expo. Busy, busy – trying to complete Same Day Return in time for Thought Bubble. Necessary Monsters 2.2 is a few weeks away, but hopefully will be ready for Malta Comic Con. Please follow and like us:

  • Diary October, time marches on …

    A page from my diary showing the extensive social life I live. If you have time, please take part in the poll. It seems as process is winning so far. The flat I reside in is being decorated this week, so updates may be sporadic. Please follow and like us:

  • Sketchbook 26/4/12

    A sketchbook page from yesterday. I have been slack on the blog updates. Have been too busy. There was a trip to Chicago and then Comiket. Two events that I should have written about. Next week is Toronto for TCAF. I will blog about this. Please follow and like us:

  • Sketchbook 2012 – pen and pencil

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  • Sketchbook 2012 – Untitled

    ( Click for bigger size ) This is a page from a sketchbook I’m compiling for the summer con season. It will be filled with colour two page spreads. But i’m quite nervous about a non – narrative  so have been writing speech balloons over some images along with random text. Although the end result is…

  • Angouleme Sketches – Chris Ware

    This is my last Angouleme 2012 post finishing a week after the festival closed. This is a Sketch of Chris Ware, from memory as he didn’t make it to the festival. I also wrote a blog post for FP and it can be read here. Time to be getting on with new stuff and preparations…

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