Nurse Trexate

Another MCM sketch. Tomorrow is my quarterly Psoriasis hospital check. Last time involved a series of light treatments, which cleared my skin. Sadly it’s a short-term measure and my skin is slowly returning to its normal flaky state. I’ve been taking Methotrexate for two years, but this only prevents outbreaks. The next stage, if i choose to go there, is injecting. I’m in no rush to take up this option.

If anyone has stumbled on this post and wondering what all this Psoriasis text is about, here is a quick explanation. I’ve had Psoriasis for over 20 years. This has involved a lot of emotional and medical experiences.
It’s good to make other people with this skin condition aware that they are not alone. Quick advice, get yourself referred to a hospital’s dermatology unit.

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Sketchbook 2012 – Untitled

( Click for bigger size )

This is a page from a sketchbook I’m compiling for the summer con season. It will be filled with colour two page spreads. But i’m quite nervous about a non – narrative  so have been writing speech balloons over some images along with random text. Although the end result is unclear at the moment, these should look great at the A4 size publication  format.

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Angouleme Sketches – Chris Ware

This is my last Angouleme 2012 post finishing a week after the festival closed. This is a Sketch of Chris Ware, from memory as he didn’t make it to the festival.
I also wrote a blog post for FP and it can be read here.
Time to be getting on with new stuff and preparations for TCAF.

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