A couple of reviews that has cropped up.

First Tom Murphy reviews Dark Matters.

Dark Matters delivers on its title, and is likely to provide a much richer reading experience than most of the things popping up in your pull-list.

Necessary Monsters is reviewed by Paul Rainey.

I really like Necessary Monsters; it reminds me of Vertigo comics from the early days of that imprint such as Doom Patrol and Shade The Changing Man, but in a contemporary world.


Thanks Tom and Paul.

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The con season has started ( Does it ever finish ?)

I have been slack in updating whats happening with the comics biz. Drawing and day job and drawing and day job, round and round. The time has passed SO quickly and still so much to complete.

So that is the current frame of mind. I have a whole bunch of events I’m participating in, two of which have been and gone. First up was Milton Keynes fest, organised splendidly by Paul Rainey. Was a really good event and was good to be surrounded by the work of Pushwagnerer.

Next up was the Bristol Zine fest. Again a really good event. I hadn’t been in Bristol since the last con at the tram shed. This was held in a veggie cafe, so a lot of my sales were spent on food – yum. Good to share a table with Lizz Lunney, and good to meet organiser Nick, and to catch up again with Simon Morteon.

Lizz is involved in organising the Birmingham Zine Fest ( there is a theme developing here ), and that is the next gig. Following this is MCM Comics Village, Leeds Thought Bubble and Malta Comic Con. The organisers have announced another stellar event, and also that I’m one of the guests this year, which is nice.

Actual comics are still in the process of being completed, but I did have a page in Off Life, details here.


There is more but I have to dash to work …



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