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  • Phatcomics 2017

      I have updated Phatcomics, the webspace for my comics. Still lots of links and stuff to add, but it lives !     Please follow and like us:

  • 50 Update – Best of and in shops

      I’m a bit late blogging this, but 50 made the best of the weeks releases at Broken Frontier. He’s one of the UK’s finest practitioners of autobiographical work and also, quite frankly, one of its most under-rated. A nice thing to read. There was also a feature on Down The Tubes. 50 is now…

  • Patsy Palmer is alive

      Strange dream time. I woke up convinced that Patsy Palmer (Eastenders) was dead. In my dream she swapped roles with Ygritte ( GOT ). I have no idea what it’s all about, but  was so sure that poor Patsy had gone that I had to check. I’m happy to report that she is alive and…

  • Tree – Hyde park

    Angouleme ( Bloggage at FP here ) is over and it’s back to the lonely hours drawing Necessary Monsters. Currently half way through part 3 ( Of 5 ) . Have finally organised the latest studio set – up, after moving out of Stoke Newington last year. I promised a blog about my process, in…

  • Sketchbook 31.09.12

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  • Sketchbook – 30.08.12

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  • Pedicure


  • Sketchbook 2012 – untitled 2

    ( Click for larger view ) Another clash of colour and line with ranty words that i hear everyday around london. I’m sure it’s all true.  This is the last posting of these next week will be something different. I really have no idea what response these are producing, with this palette, probably projectile vomiting.…

  • Comiket 2011

    I will be at Comiket this weekend ( Saturday 12th). Full details here. Previous Comiket photos here. Paul and Peter do an excellent job with Comica, and Comiket has a great social vibe, lots of my current comic buds were met at the early ones. Should be a great day. Please follow and like us:

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