Rain on Glass – cover ink

ROG cover

So far this year has been a REAL struggle with the creative stuff. it feels as though I’m getting slower and have actually gone into reverse.

It has been a really frustrating six months. Around the half way point of a year I lie to add up the amount of work produced and estimate what I can complete before the years out.

Not this time.

Part of the problem is drawing digitally. I love working in Manga Studio, and it’s part of a process for working on Necessary Monsters.

But for me, it’s a procrastination process.

I have software for logging my time, blocking the internet etc. But I’m weak and still waste time.

So this weekend I broke out the brush and ink equipment, and in a few hours had inked four pages of my next comic Rain on Glass.

The image above is for the cover.

I may start counting the amount of work produced soon 🙂

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Sketchbook 2012 – Untitled

( Click for bigger size )

This is a page from a sketchbook I’m compiling for the summer con season. It will be filled with colour two page spreads. But i’m quite nervous about a non – narrative  so have been writing speech balloons over some images along with random text. Although the end result is unclear at the moment, these should look great at the A4 size publication  format.

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