Sketchbook – 20/08/12

This blog has been a bit neglected recently. I’ve been busy working on Necessary Monsters 2, a new mini comic, some commissions and other stuff. So time online has been restricted to furtive tweeting at work. It’s amazing how quickly time evaporates from a day/week/month/lifetime. I do try to squeeze in more creative time around the day job, but it never seems enough.
So to mark the passage of time leading up to Thought Bubble, i’ll post something every day. Probably sketchbook stuff, but if there is time then more worked up images.

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Sketchbook 27.2.12

This is the final image post for the sketchbook, it is now at the printers and should be available in week. This is actually two pages as can be seen by the bad join. I was trying to not think about the narrative and see where my head would go. there are a lot of images painted over to get to this stage. It’s unfinished and will remain so.

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Sketchbook – 1983 plus full cover image

This is another page from the sketchbook collection. It’s called 1983 ¬†( Surprise, huh !). ¬†That is the year that Black leather takes place in. Well the main part of it anyway. Below is the full image of the cover for the sketchbook. I realise that these images are not sequential and are probably of little interest to anyone expecting comics from me. But sometimes it’s important to step outside and get some fresh air.

The 1983 image was made by tearing up several ‘failed’ watercolours and joining them together again and painting over them with gesso and ink.

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