Tube sketch – 25.2.13



I have reverted to sketching during my tube journey to work. Lunch breaks are being used for writing my new comic, so no tree drawings for a while.

This was blue pencil, and I have tried to preserve this in the scan, rather than threshold it. This is why the other side of the page can be seen.

In other news, Thought Bubble 2013 exhibitor tables sold out in a few hours. I missed out, so will enter myself in the reserve lottery. It shows what a good reputation TB has gained.

If you are in London, pop into Orbital where you will find Same Day Return and Necessary Monsters 2.1 on sale.


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Sketchbook 3

I like Sean Azzopardi’s comics, I do. And some of his recent comics have certainly had elements of sketchbook in the, Have a look at the reviews of 100 Days Of Winter, Nine Months Of Beige, and Eight Tablet Dream for examples of what I’m talking about. But these were definitely comics, with narratives, storytelling, and sequential art amongst the sketchbook pieces. Looking back, the last time I looked at one of his sketchbooks proper was here in 2010, and then it was merely a mention at the end of a review for Wallace Sendak.
But this is very much a pure sketchbook. Sure, there’s some text here and there, and occasional comics work, but mostly this exists to catch Azzopardi’s ideas. It’s also part of a wish to push on and change, a move away from A5 black and white mini comics sees this sketchbook grow and burst into vivid colour.
In his comics I’ve often commented on how much I like Azzopardi’s artwork, his range of styles is getting wider and wider, but I have a particular delight in the pages where he’s really loosened up, opening up the page, dropping panels for pages at a time, giving his sketchy, line based work such life.
So seeing this much bigger, full colour work is a real change. But not something I’m going to review. I mean really, what’s the point…. but I will tell you it’s lovely looking through and seeing the range of styles on show, and some gorgeous works….

( From Richard Bruton, FP blog. )

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Return to school

( Skull sketch – brush and ink on paper. Previously blogged from a rubbish photo )

It’s been a bit of a break on this blog, I’m sure my exciting and interesting posts have been missed.I have recently had a trip to Chicago, then attended Comiket followed by a trip to Toronto. So it’s taken me a while to catch up with myself. I was going to write a long post about these events but it was so exciting I decided to just live it rather than blog it. I did write a report about TCAF for the Forbidden Planet blog, but I’m not sure I did the event justice as I spent most of the event behind my table. I have to give a nod and a thank you to Crystal For being a wonderful table buddy during the weekend. TCAF has had a massive impact on my festival/convention going experience. In the UK we have Thought Bubble which I’d say is the best event now, it has many many, plus points. Comiket is getting there, but the last one had serious venue space issues, that made it uncomfortable for exhibitors and punters. But is there too many now? Too many or just idiocy in trying clash against a ‘rival’ event. Having now entered the (Well) Seasoned festival exhibitor stage, I’ll be selective about events to attend and use the time saved elsewhere. I guess it’s a positive to have that choice. Waffle, waffle.
The important stuff is the work, and making the work though. I did plan to take a complete year away from all the festival stuff,to make masses of comics. Due to random events it hasn’t quite worked out that way. But so far this year i have been involved in an anthology, a book and making a sketchbook. There is a new issue of a diary comic that has been lettered and roughed out, similarly for Black Leather (I know, I keep saying this). Both these comics will be ready for Leeds. The diary comics will be collected into a book called ‘Three years gone’, it will be about 150 pages.
the main news for me is that the Chicago trip gave me and Daniel some time to talk about projects. We decided that maybe it was time to make another volume of Necessary Monsters.

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This is an illustration for a friends magazine he needed something quick so it took me about an hour. Yesterday i was saddened to read about the death of Graham Dilley a fine bowler and played an important innings as partner to Botham in the unforgettable ’81 innings against the Aussies. it was a great moment of sporting achievement and it always connects me to my 13 year old self. Dilley was 52 and then this morning Steve Jobs 56. I’m 44. It resonates. As a 13 year old i had very little concept of age, every adult was just ‘old’. 50 something is just no age.

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