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  • Sketchbook – 26.6.13

    Lunch break sketch from yesterday. Hyde park – pencil on paper. Completed prints from these sketches can be purchased from my shop. If you would like regular up dates of these posts, please add yourself to the mailing list. Please follow and like us:

  • Summer sketch 3

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  • Summer is here ?

    Another park sketch, this was of a pine. I have a sketchbook of these type of drawings available here. Please follow and like us:

  • Park summer 2

    This is a cleaned up version of yesterday sketch post. These drawings seem to be well received, but i need to post some comic work at some point. I am a bit mixed up. I am posting comic work at the Oatley Academy, sketchbook stuff on this blog, comic pages on Tumblr. It’s all very…

  • Hyde park – 5.3.13

    A cleaned up version of a lunch break sketch. ( Please excuse the re-posting of this image ). Please follow and like us:

  • 20.3.13

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  • 19.3.13

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  • Tree – Hyde park

    Angouleme ( Bloggage at FP here ) is over and it’s back to the lonely hours drawing Necessary Monsters. Currently half way through part 3 ( Of 5 ) . Have finally organised the latest studio set – up, after moving out of Stoke Newington last year. I promised a blog about my process, in…

  • The Glade – Hyde Park

    This is a lovely view in Hyde park. When the sun is out, carp can be seen swimming in the pool. This image will have added colour, if I ever find the time. Please follow and like us:

  • Don’t cross the line

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