Park summer 2

Summer tree 2

This is a cleaned up version of yesterday sketch post. These drawings seem to be well received, but i need to post some comic work at some point. I am a bit mixed up. I am posting comic work at the Oatley Academy, sketchbook stuff on this blog, comic pages on Tumblr. It’s all very confusing. The day job eats in to the blogging and publicity time, as well as the creative time. There is also an exhibition i’m organising as part of the Crouch End Festival.
There are three projects I’ve running at the moment. Necessary monsters 2:3 is nearly completed, which brings it to the half way point. I am also drawing a four page strip for Ink + Paper, that is also near completion. Then there is Rain on Glass, my next comic.
I have no idea why this is being shared.
Have a great weekend.

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Tree – Hyde park


Angouleme ( Bloggage at FP here ) is over and it’s back to the lonely hours drawing Necessary Monsters. Currently half way through part 3 ( Of 5 ) . Have finally organised the latest studio set – up, after moving out of Stoke Newington last year. I promised a blog about my process, in it will be pictures of various studios over the years. Bet you can’t wait.

Here is the follow up to Same Day Return. This is how I start my writing process.


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