A Bit of Undigested Potato – Anthology and convention news


A Bit of Undigested Potato

I have a page in this Anthology, curated by Keara Stewart.

It will be debuting at the Alternative Press takeover. I will be in attendance,

sharing a table with Francesca.

Here is an interview with Keara.

A list of contributors.

The full list of contributors to A Bit of Undigested Potato is: Alex Potts / Abraham Mann / Andy Poyiadgi / Annabel Dover / Cathy Lomax / Corinna Spencer / Danny Noble / David Robertson / EdieOP / Ella Dawson / Elizabeth Querstret / Francesca Cassavetti / Gareth Brookes / John Riordan / Justyna Burzynska / Karen Rubins / Karrie Fransman / Keara Stewart / Kelly Froh / Kim Clements / Martin Eden / Mary Blomley / Matilda Tristram / Mike Medaglia / Nick Soucek / Paul Shinn / Pete Hindle / Rachael Ball / Richy K. Chandler / Robert Wells / Rozi Hathaway / Ruth Collingwood / Sally-Anne Hickman / Sean Azzopardi / Steven J Harris / Tim Bird / Tom Ryling / Una / Viviane Schwarz / Wallis Eates

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Leeds, Malta and new publications

It’s the last two events of the year for me, Leeds Thought Bubble and Malta Comic Con. A great way to end what has been a very busy con season.

At Leeds I will be in the New Dock Hall sharing a table ( 77 ) with the ever wonderful Howard Hardiman.


For both events I will be selling the usual comics, plus a couple of new works. Necessary MonstersMurderbox, parts 2, 3, 4 also Trees and Heads. I will also have a bunch of screen prints made earlier this year.


Sadly I didn’t get it together to finish, Rain On Glass. This will now be ready for Angouleme 2014, which the Dessinators ( Sally Anne, Francesca and Oliver ) will be attending .

Francesca did an amazing job organising the application, and also put together the required anthology. Details on her blog.


Another anthology that I will have work in is Ink +Paper. David has pulled together some great talent and has also made a lovely cover to house them all.


John Miers has collected the Score and Script pages in a plush collection, and I have a page in this along with a lot of  very talent cartoonists. This was a really fun project to take part in.

Final publication news is that I took part in the Amsterdam Zine Jam, sending some comics and getting a really cool catalogue in return. I would have liked to have gone to this one. Maybe next time.

zine jam

Finally, I’ve been filling little sketchbooks with drawings of people on the way to work. But made them fit in the Nec Monster world. I have two sketchbooks, that will have a painted cover. If anyone is interested in buying them, I will have them with me at Leeds/Malta. ( I think £15 for one ).

Thanks for reading, hopefully I will see you at one of these events. Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂


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Comiket 2013

Comiket 2012

I will be at this weeks Comiket – details here. I will be sharing a table with Sally and Francesca. The event has moved to a new venue, I hope there is lots of space and punters. As of today there is no listing of exhibitors ( I may be looking in the wrong place ). I find it really poor when events promote themselves, the guests, but forget exhibitors. The people who actually pony up the cash. I hope this is not a return to a few years ago. ( Rising table costs, minimal publicity ). Getting people interested in reading comics is important, but so is selling. So come along and spend freely, there will be lots of amazing comics for sale. On my table will be Twelve Hour Shift, Dark Matter, Necessary Monsters 2, ( parts 1 + 2 ) Same Day Return, and Trees.
So drop by and say hello. It’s really welcome to speak to people in the flesh.

The comics season begins …


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