Update and sketches

Last weekend I had a small trip away that was not comic related. It was lovely.

I have been busy trying to get work completed for Thought Bubble/Malta. I missed MCM, I had double booked.

Necessary Monsters 3 is ready, and also a new tiny comic, called heads. Getting it together, slowly. ( Work still to complete – Necessary Monsters 4, Rain on Glass and Red Wine and Nuts. )


It’s Comiket today, but i’m a no – show, Ā (double booked, again). Ā But please go if you can as its a great day full of lots of inspiring people and work.

Richard Bruton has featured Necessary Monsters on The FP Blog. Andy Oliver celebrates 2 years of Small press-ganged and Dark Matters gets a mention.

Here are new versions of the sketches I posted a few weeks ago. These are to try tone. Also some sort of environment has surfaced. This has suggested landscape over portrait.




Street 1


Street 2

Street 3

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TCAF blog at FP

Forbidden Planet blog has posted my report from TCAF 2013. Previous posting about the festival can be read here and here. Photos can be viewed here.

Reading the text again, I realised I had made a largeĀ omission. I forgot to thank Gina Gagliano, sorry Gina. Thank you for all the energy you put into making TCAF the event it is.

Dustin Harbin expands on the role of Gina, volunteers and then you can follow the link trail about TCAF and free events.

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Sketchbook and reviews

Back to posting sketchbook pages now I’m working in sketchbooks again. This is brush pen sketches drawn while travelling on the underground.

Richard Bruton has been very kind in review most of my recent output. The latest is for D’Accord, which can be read here. There is also one forĀ Sketchbook. My project with Douglas, Dark Matters is now in the process of being printed. No timescale as of yet. But looking forward to seeing the completed version.

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Wooooooshh !


This is part of a page from Eight tablet dream. The woosh sound graphic is a correct summery of how fast the time has moved for this project. All the pages are drawn, now lettering and tone are on the list. The idea was to have it available for MCM but the real deadline is Thought Bubble. Fingers crossed.
Yes! returning to Malta comic con this year. Seems like they have grown the event again, and the list of guests. Looking forward to this.
I wrote a small article for the Forbidden Planet blog about the exhibition at Flashback.

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