Tree – Hyde park


Angouleme ( Bloggage at FP here ) is over and it’s back to the lonely hours drawing Necessary Monsters. Currently half way through part 3 ( Of 5 ) . Have finally organised the latest studio set – up, after moving out of Stoke Newington last year. I promised a blog about my process, in it will be pictures of various studios over the years. Bet you can’t wait.

Here is the follow up to Same Day Return. This is how I start my writing process.


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Monster review

Richard Bruton has blogged about Necessary Monster 2. It is a good starting point for the curious or refresher for people who have forgotten what it’s all about.
Go and read and support the FP blog, a place that has been a consistent supporter of the comics scene in the UK.
They have been a massive help to me. So once again, thank you 🙂


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Eight tablet dream – FP review

Richard Bruton has reviewed Eight Tablet Dream on the Forbidden Planet blog. It is a very warm review for a comic that i was really happy with. A great way to end a year that has been really good for me. A round up will follow but in the meantime i hope you have a great time over the holidays and see you in the new year.

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Update – December

It’s been a few weeks since i posted here. This is a quick update as i have to rush off to the day job. On the Forbidden Planet blog i have TWO posts this week. There is my report from Malta and my Best Of… .
This weekend will see me hosting a table in my ‘hood at this.
Finally here is a picture.

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