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  • Sightings of Wallace Sendek

    More Sendek, coming soon A new, expanded version of Sightings of Wallace Sendek by Douglas Noble and myself will be out soon. During the past week or so, we have posted some of the fake adverts for Sendek’s brief discography that were put together. For more info and other excellent comics go and support Douglas.…

  • Thought Bubble table 40

    Here is a floorpan and location map. I will be in Victoria Hall sharing table 40 with Douglas Noble. I will be selling everything that is available in the Phatcomics shop, plus showing a folio of work from The Voice Of The Hall. It’s going to be great.   Please follow and like us:

  • Next convention gig

    My next con appearance will be at Thought Bubble. I will be sharing a table with the super talented production machine, Douglas Noble. We will be in the Victoria hall, a new venue for Thought Bubble. Floorpan details to follow. Please follow and like us:

  • After The Sessions

      A new comic from Douglas Noble and Sean Azzopardi. After the sessions is the fourth collaborations between Douglas and Sean, the creators of Sightings of Wallace Sendek, Pirouette and Built of Blood and Bricks. Over the course of a day, images return unbidden to therapist Karen Quinlan’s memory, brought on by the messy stories…

  • Reviews

    A couple of reviews that has cropped up. First Tom Murphy reviews Dark Matters. Dark Matters delivers on its title, and is likely to provide a much richer reading experience than most of the things popping up in your pull-list. Necessary Monsters is reviewed by Paul Rainey. I really like Necessary Monsters; it reminds me of Vertigo comics from…

  • Dark Matters

    Dark Matters

    ( 95 pages, perfect bound, colour card stock cover.)
    Available from www.sean-azzopardi.com, www.strip-for-me.com

    A collection of three collaborations between Sean Azzopardi and Douglas Noble, this volume contains Built Of Blood And Bricks, an expanded version of Sightings Of Wallace Sendek, and the brand new story Pirouette.
    Built Of Blood And Bricks: A shut in tells his story – this is what happens when you stack secrets together. A house full of mysteries, a story to unlock, a past to rediscover.
    Sightings Of Wallace Sendek: On a bright December morning, Wallace Sendek disappeared. This is a record of his sightings. This edition adds ten new pages detailing further sightings of the vanished pop star.
    Pirouette: The prodigal son returns home for his father’s funeral, only to find himself confronting old memories hidden in familiar places.

    Both men are very talented writer/artists and when they’ve come together in the past with 2011′s Built Of Blood And Bricks, and the 2010 edition of Sightings Of Wallace Sendek the results have been magfnificent. Sightings made it to the 2010 best of list, Built Of Blood And Bricks was so close to it in 2011.

    ( From Richard Bruton, FP blog)

  • Dark Matters – Cover

    Feast your eyes on this cover for the collection of work by myself and Douglas Noble. The book is in the being printed phase. Please follow and like us:

  • Sketchbook 2012 – Platform waiting to travel

    This is a sketch for a new Wallace Sendek page. Sendek was a collaboration between myself and Douglas. We then followed this up with Built of Blood and Bricks. At the moment Douglas is working on our new project called Pirouette. We are trying to get the work completed and collected for my trip to TCAF. Wish…

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