Malta Comic Con 2016



I am a guest at Malta comic con 2016. I am really happy to be returning to Malta, to catch up with all my friends and see whats new with the local cartoonists. This will be my 8th visit to Malta, and the con is a great experience. I will be tabling and also presenting a talk about my new project, The Arts Council funded The Voice Of The Hall. We have both grown over that period of time, and I look forward to more adventures.

Yay Malta !

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Convention appearances 2015

Wow – it’s August. Where is the year going ?

I have a few con gigs coming up later this year.

Sept – S.P.X.

October –  Bristol Zine Fair

November – Thought Bubble

December – Malta Comic Con

Full details closer to the events. if you are going to be at any of these, get in touch. It would be good to meet up 🙂

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Update and sketches

Last weekend I had a small trip away that was not comic related. It was lovely.

I have been busy trying to get work completed for Thought Bubble/Malta. I missed MCM, I had double booked.

Necessary Monsters 3 is ready, and also a new tiny comic, called heads. Getting it together, slowly. ( Work still to complete – Necessary Monsters 4, Rain on Glass and Red Wine and Nuts. )


It’s Comiket today, but i’m a no – show,  (double booked, again).  But please go if you can as its a great day full of lots of inspiring people and work.

Richard Bruton has featured Necessary Monsters on The FP Blog. Andy Oliver celebrates 2 years of Small press-ganged and Dark Matters gets a mention.

Here are new versions of the sketches I posted a few weeks ago. These are to try tone. Also some sort of environment has surfaced. This has suggested landscape over portrait.




Street 1


Street 2

Street 3

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Conventions Autumn/Winter 2012

I have failed to maintain my page a day postings, yet again. This is mainly because i’m busy working on the second part of Necessary Monsters, Same day return and D’Accord 2. Enough work. All are progressing well, and should be available from Thought Bubble onwards. But i’ll be at a few gigs before then. Despite my plan to draw back from the convention whirl, this year seems to be as busy as ever. Ah well 🙂

The list of appearances.

Bristol Zine Fair

Birmingham Zine Festival

MCM Expo

Thought Bubble

Malta Comic Con

There will probably more to the list as the year progresses.


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