50 – Reviewed at Broken Frontier

50 has received a generous review at Broken Frontier.

Don’t miss out on it because this is prime Azzopardi at the absolute top of his game. Without a doubt, one of the standout graphic memoirs of 2017 so far.


Andy and everyone involved does an amazing job covering the huge amount of comics that appear every day.

If you would like to support them support them, sign up to there Patreon.

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50 – New comic LIVE

It’s been a while, but Phatcomics has a new publication.
50 is the new comic and follows the 2015 smash hit, Tracks.
Boldly printed at A4 size, this comic weighs in at 50 pages.
Currently available here, 50 will be in all good comic shops soon, and debuting at TCAF next month.

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Rain on glass – full spread

Inside cover


This is the full ( Draft ) image for the inside front cover, so it will be split over two pages. Standard  for my comics having the comic title and page contents. It’s nice to know what’s ahead.

I like the look of the finish  these pages. Using a brush to render has a quality that really appeals to me. There is the opportunity to be smooth with the finish, but what I enjoy is the random malfunctions.

I’m going to stay with this approach. What do you think? Do you think this approach works? Does this appeal to you in any way. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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Same day return – page 3

I finished making my new comic, Same day Return and sent it off for printing today. This is a good thing. it has taken about eight months to complete. I will be interested to see how it’s received as a bit more care has been taken with this one. The giddy rush of tearing apart sketchbooks and re – formatting them in to a comic has been put on hold for the while. Here is a page from early in the comic.

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