Sketchbook – 15.5.15

Here is a few sketches for a t-shirt design.

The final sketches were not used, but I like these prep drawings.

T - sketch



Below is the finished design. A combination of Zombie Rocky Horror walk, Crouch End clock tower and Crouch End Festival.

If you are around N8 during June, drop by and check out some of the events.

There is also CECAF, which is an awesome cartoon event. Would be great to see you there.

T -Shirt



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Diary October, time marches on …

A page from my diary showing the extensive social life I live. If you have time, please take part in the poll. It seems as process is winning so far.
The flat I reside in is being decorated this week, so updates may be sporadic.

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Dark Matters – Cover

Feast your eyes on this cover for the collection of work by myself and Douglas Noble. The book is in the being printed phase.

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