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  • Return to school

    ( Skull sketch – brush and ink on paper. Previously blogged from a rubbish photo ) It’s been a bit of a break on this blog, I’m sure my exciting and interesting posts have been missed.I have recently had a trip to Chicago, then attended Comiket followed by a trip to Toronto. So it’s taken…

  • Head of Frank

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  • Sketchbook 2012 – Troy

    Some marker pen studies for Troy ( Wigs ), one of the main players in Black Leather. Please follow and like us:

  • Sketchbook – 1983 plus full cover image

    This is another page from the sketchbook collection. It’s called 1983  ( Surprise, huh !).  That is the year that Black leather takes place in. Well the main part of it anyway. Below is the full image of the cover for the sketchbook. I realise that these images are not sequential and are probably of…

  • Sketchbook 2012 – Insomnia (Again)

    This is a sketchbook page from a week when i suffered from bout of insomnia. Not an unusual occurrence when i’m trying to figure out some comic problems. Here’s hoping that Black leather will not become a comic about making a comic. Please follow and like us:

  • Sketchbook 1.2.12

    A page of sketches trying out character styling for Black Leather. Please follow and like us:

  • Black Leather sample

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  • Insomnia brainworm

    Another night of brain running ideas round and round, mixing up the medicine with dreams. Anyway, I’m trying to push forward my next project Black Leather, and try something new. Plotting and structure. I have always worked in an organic way, or developed sketchbook entries, scribbled notes, try and improvise, try to keep things loose.…

  • Sketchbook 2011 – 7

    This is a pages of character sketches for Black Leather. a project that keeps rising and falling, more re-writes, on and on. But, i’m going with it, letting it develop it’s own voice. It’s fun. Please follow and like us:

  • Black leather cover issue one

    This is a rough of a cover of the first issue of Black Leather. This made up the main part of the poster printed recently. Please follow and like us:

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