Comiket 2013

Comiket 2012

I will be at this weeks Comiket – details here. I will be sharing a table with Sally and Francesca. The event has moved to a new venue, I hope there is lots of space and punters. As of today there is no listing of exhibitors ( I may be looking in the wrong place ). I find it really poor when events promote themselves, the guests, but forget exhibitors. The people who actually pony up the cash. I hope this is not a return to a few years ago. ( Rising table costs, minimal publicity ). Getting people interested in reading comics is important, but so is selling. So come along and spend freely, there will be lots of amazing comics for sale. On my table will be Twelve Hour Shift, Dark Matter, Necessary Monsters 2, ( parts 1 + 2 ) Same Day Return, and Trees.
So drop by and say hello. It’s really welcome to speak to people in the flesh.

The comics season begins …


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Weston Park


A panel from a strip submitted to an anthology. No comic re – interpretations today as i’m late for the day job. One day this will not be the case, hopefully.


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Sketchbook – Fantastic Four issue 261


Last nights drawing  session began with a warm up sketch. I grabbed a comic from my slush pile and just sketched stuff while flipping through it.

So this will be my next theme for sketchbook posting. Pick a comic and draw from it.

The results so far.


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Sketchbook – 20/08/12

This blog has been a bit neglected recently. I’ve been busy working on Necessary Monsters 2, a new mini comic, some commissions and other stuff. So time online has been restricted to furtive tweeting at work. It’s amazing how quickly time evaporates from a day/week/month/lifetime. I do try to squeeze in more creative time around the day job, but it never seems enough.
So to mark the passage of time leading up to Thought Bubble, i’ll post something every day. Probably sketchbook stuff, but if there is time then more worked up images.

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