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  • Update 30/4/15

    Here is a page from the never ending project, TRACKS. It’s been 64 weeks since I last published a comic. This will be ready next week. Honest. Please follow and like us:

  • Summer is here ?

    Another park sketch, this was of a pine. I have a sketchbook of these type of drawings available here. Please follow and like us:

  • Comiket 2013

    I will be at this weeks Comiket – details here. I will be sharing a table with Sally and Francesca. The event has moved to a new venue, I hope there is lots of space and punters. As of today there is no listing of exhibitors ( I may be looking in the wrong place…

  • Weston Park

      A panel from a strip submitted to an anthology. No comic re – interpretations today as i’m late for the day job. One day this will not be the case, hopefully. Related articles Sketchbook – 20/08/12 (sean-azzopardi.com)   Please follow and like us:

  • Sketchbook – Fantastic Four issue 261

      Last nights drawing  session began with a warm up sketch. I grabbed a comic from my slush pile and just sketched stuff while flipping through it. So this will be my next theme for sketchbook posting. Pick a comic and draw from it. The results so far. Related articles Sketchbook – Crime Scene (sean-azzopardi.com)…

  • Sketchbook – 20/08/12

    This blog has been a bit neglected recently. I’ve been busy working on Necessary Monsters 2, a new mini comic, some commissions and other stuff. So time online has been restricted to furtive tweeting at work. It’s amazing how quickly time evaporates from a day/week/month/lifetime. I do try to squeeze in more creative time around…

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