Update and sketches

Last weekend I had a small trip away that was not comic related. It was lovely.

I have been busy trying to get work completed for Thought Bubble/Malta. I missed MCM, I had double booked.

Necessary Monsters 3 is ready, and also a new tiny comic, called heads. Getting it together, slowly. ( Work still to complete – Necessary Monsters 4, Rain on Glass and Red Wine and Nuts. )


It’s Comiket today, but i’m a no – show,  (double booked, again).  But please go if you can as its a great day full of lots of inspiring people and work.

Richard Bruton has featured Necessary Monsters on The FP Blog. Andy Oliver celebrates 2 years of Small press-ganged and Dark Matters gets a mention.

Here are new versions of the sketches I posted a few weeks ago. These are to try tone. Also some sort of environment has surfaced. This has suggested landscape over portrait.




Street 1


Street 2

Street 3

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Rain On Glass cover

Rain On Glass

This is the line work for the cover of a new comic Rain On Glass. I have blogged various versions of this. Colour to be added which should be a challenge as the character is looking through a window at glass bongs on glass shelves. I will probably fudge the reflection/refraction bits. This is not 3d modelling, don’t you know.

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Trying something …

I have mentioned a few times that I want to use colour with my work. So i’m going to post a bunch of line work images, develop them and start to add colour. Will probably be of interest to me only. So here is  cleaned up line drawing from my sketchbook.


Zombie-town-1Zombie town 2

These were re-draw from sketch book stuff. This was one of the better ones, complete with mucky texture and marker.


While I was looking at my sketchbook, the FP blog posted some Ronald Searle sketches from East Berlin.Awesome and I can only dream of having this fluidity in my pen work.

I try to draw outdoors as much as I can. More of cartooning is being drawn in Manga studio, therefore less time is being spent looking at the real world.The flip side is that my analogue drawing has improved noticeably since i’ve used Manga Studio.

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This year has been a low output year. But I’m busy getting stuff done. The main time grabber is Necessary Monsters. I am currently finishing up part 4 ( Of 6 ). All four parts will be available for Thought Bubble in a few weeks. It’s a slow process. I draw monsters digitally, and this allows me to develop a scribbled note into a fully finished page, with lots of chopping and changing of the composition. When I work on paper, I’m more direct in my execution. A faster working process, but there is a lot of compromise with what I’ve in my head ( offset by the tactile quality of the materials, and the random elements )

The above image is an unfinished panel from issue four.i felt that the crowd had a sameness of height, so putting a larger figure changed the dynamic.

The main reason for posting this is to show that i have more than sketchbook pages going on. Sometimes this is an important thing to do, on a personal level 🙂
Look at me, look at me 🙂

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Alec Longstreth


Alec has been a comic pen pal for a number of years. I got got the better end of the bargain be receiving his ongoing series, Phase 7, containing Basewood. Alec is running a kickstarter to publish it.

Basewood is a 216-page, black and white graphic novel which took me seven years to draw. I want to get the book professionally printed.

If you are interested, here is the link

I finally got to meet Alec at this years SPX, and it was a wonderful moment.We got to exchange comics, which was cool. Sadly the weekend passed too quickly and I didn’t get chance to buy him a beer and have a long chat.
Maybe next year, Alec 🙂

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