Rain on Glass – cover ink

ROG cover

So far this year has been a REAL struggle with the creative stuff. it feels as though I’m getting slower and have actually gone into reverse.

It has been a really frustrating six months. Around the half way point of a year I lie to add up the amount of work produced and estimate what I can complete before the years out.

Not this time.

Part of the problem is drawing digitally. I love working in Manga Studio, and it’s part of a process for working on Necessary Monsters.

But for me, it’s a procrastination process.

I have software for logging my time, blocking the internet etc. But I’m weak and still waste time.

So this weekend I broke out the brush and ink equipment, and in a few hours had inked four pages of my next comic Rain on Glass.

The image above is for the cover.

I may start counting the amount of work produced soon 🙂

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