I get so bored so easily, my ADD is my super power

I don’t have ADD. I may have coffee twitch though, that brings on  plenty of restlessness. I watch a lot of UTube stuff while I’m drawing, at the moment I’m working through various creative process in relationship to entrepreneurs and business. Yes, I did just type that.

What has become of me?

Some of it is fascinating a lot of it’s totally over my head. The contradictions, unsurprisingly are frequent and loud. This is what prompted the headline of this blog post. One person says that  ADD leads to a restless search for the next thing, never resting on one idea or project. Then another says need to spend time with your idea, to develop stand bring it to maturity is key to creative success. To have tenacity, stamina and endurance.  Both processes have their merits.

Relating this to the comic making process, mainly I am the latter. A slow, grind it out, keep going, it will get finished type of creator.

I’m Working on The Voice Of The Hall,  a Graphic Novel that I have to complete in a year.

Because I have the time available, this will happen.

I’ve set up a way of working that has excluded a lot of time consuming elements. The main decision was to work in two page spreads, rather than panel to panel process. Therefore it is more like an illustrated book than panels per page comic. It’s a great way to work, very freeing.

A younger version of me would have been very angry at this rejection of the purity of the comic page. To add to the smouldering rage, I have rejected black and white in favour of colour.

It’s a wild old time at Phatcomics at the moment.

But why do I have to work in this way ?

Soaring Penguin will be publishing this as a book, but they have not put any constraints on the look/process.

So why chose this approach, this look ?

I could reject it all now, bin it and try drawing the whole thing as ceramic tiles, or bricks or any material sympathetic with the building materials.

Or write and draw and collage on  all the  reports and council minutes regarding the sell — off of the hall.

I could start and finish in a zillion ways, the only limits being my thought process and creative aptitude.

Or I could just carry on and finish it.




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