CECAF (2014 -18 ) – The End

I have decide to end Crouch End Comic Festival, CECAF. I thought that last year was a really good event, and I would like that to be the way to remember it.

I would like to thank all the people who exhibited during the 4 events. You took a risk on being part of my crazy idea, and it was appreciated. I would also like to thank Francesca for all the effort early on, and Sally- Anne for suggesting the name.

The Earl Haig has been a great venue and supporter for CECAF, thanks go to staff past and present.

The idea of bringing comics to masses of N8 was probably ambitious, to say the least. While it’s always difficult to gauge the impact, at least Crouch End has become part of the comics landscape. With support from Broken Frontier, Down The Tubes, Forbidden Planet and The Ham and High, it was always exciting to see the media attention that this tiny event gained.

Flatmate with sign, what a star.

Special mention has to go to The Rockmans, who helped with PR, setting up and general advice, thank you for being great.

I’ve loved facilitating CECAF, and have a lot of special memories. But its a lot of work, and next near I hope to be starting a new major project and will be moving away from London.

There are plenty of events in London, SLZCF, Catford and Safari to name a few. Support these and keep bringing onboard new people.

My final memory is the very end of event 2018, me, my flatmate, Baillie and Lester being last people standing and drunk dancing.

Thank you, now go and start something.



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