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  • Sketchbook pages

    I have been adding sketchbook pages to my Instagram feed. I’m going to port over to launching them from here, so there will be better version soon. Please follow and like us:

  • Sketchbook 5 – Sample flick through

      A quick flick through of Sketchbook 5. Coming soon … Please follow and like us:

  • Phatcomics process – part 2

    This is the half of the phatcomics workstation.   This is the analogue, writing and photoshoot side. This is tidy compared to when it’s covered in  weeks worth of books, papers or whatever idea i’m running with. This stuff is very important to me. I am great believer in writing up or recording in some…

  • I get so bored so easily, my ADD is my super power

    I don’t have ADD. I may have coffee twitch though, that brings on  plenty of restlessness. I watch a lot of UTube stuff while I’m drawing, at the moment I’m working through various creative process in relationship to entrepreneurs and business. Yes, I did just type that. What has become of me? Some of it is…

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