CECAF 2018

CECAF will be returning on June 9th 2018.




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Twelve Hour Shift – Ten years old !

( Comica, ICA. 2007)

It’s ten years since my first comic with a spine was self-published. Twelve Hour Shift took four years to complete. Compared to Comics that followed that was quite a short period of time. I had no idea what I was doing, making it up as went along. I created a stand-in, Steve Jones. I wrote about my life and my job and my creativity. It seemed really important to make a book. To show that I could do this, independently. It was a really exciting moment, to finally hold my own book.

I had a quick look at 12HS before posting this, it was a bit of a surprise. I’d forgotten how miserable I was, it feels very raw in places.

I had half an idea to re-print a luxury version ( It’s no longer in print ) with a new strip. Sort of 10 years on Steve Jones. I even started laying stuff out. But I’ve got too much work on right now, and want to deal with the present.

Writing that last sentence makes me aware of the developments over the decade. I’ve changed, so has my Cartooning. Completing this book was a large part of that process.

Thank you Steve Jones. All those Twelve Hour Shifts were worth it.


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The Voice Of The Hall – Update

It’s been a year since I was awarded an Arts Council grant to work on my first graphic novel. That time has just flown past.

So where is the book ?

Well, my actual deadline is December, for completing the work. At this moment it’s on schedule. 75% of the pages are drawn and coloured, the final pages are in various stages completion. The scripting is taking a bit longer as the final part is still being written. Decisions around Town Halls future seem to be confirmed, but also fluid.

Soaring Penguin will be publishing TVOTH, we have loosely agreed a date next year for publication.

It’s all very exciting.

The Voice Of The Hall_043The Voice Of The Hall_028


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Necessary Monsters update

Necessary Monsters - Presbyter


Necessary Monsters has been quiet for over 18 months.

But it lives.

Work has started on part 5 of volume three.

Wait, volume three? When did this start ?

Anyone that has followed Necessary Monsters from the beginning is probably aware that this is a project with a very messed up and idiosyncratic production schedule. Part three started in 2015 and had quite a lively start. By April 2016 four parts of the book had been scripted and drawn. Then Daniel had the small matter of a PHD to complete, so it was put on hold.

The plan is to have it completed for next year. That will be a nice round, TEN YEARS that this beast has occupied our lives.

As from next week i’m going to blog about Monsters long and colourful history. This will lead  up to the completion of book three.

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TCAF – 2017

I’m getting really excited now. I will be flying to Toronto on Thursday for TCAF 2017. The last time I was at this show was in 2013. TCAF is an awesome event run by people that really care for everyone taking part. I have aways had a good time and I expect this trip will be no different. Soon as I have table details I will update this blog.

Yay !






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Bombay Zine Festival

I was  asked to send some comics along to India for the first Zine festival in Bombay.
So I did.
Seems as though it’s going well.
Here is some text from the organisers, and some pics.
They are looking for more contributions, if you are interested.
THE JOURNEY SO FAR THIS YEAR                                                                   
On 14th and 15th January 2017, we hosted Bombay’s First Zine Fest. It was a celebration of self-published and DIY comics and literature. We showcased independently published literature, comic books, poetry, journalism, and drawings. We hope — to foster an only-slightly-competitive, queer-friendly, ethnic-rich environment of creation in written, zine-ic form ; and to nourish the expansion of zine culture in Bombay and other cities where we take it to.
We started in Bombay, at the Underground Bookhouse, on the 14th and 15th of  January, 2017, with 120 zines, 500 plus visitors                                                                                  
in Kochi, at Pepper House Design, library, from 27th January to 5th February, 2017, we had 150 plus zines, 1200 plus visitors                                                                                 
pop-up at leaping windows, a graphic novels library in Bombay, on 25th and 26th February, 2017, this time about 60 zines, about 100 visitors                                                                           
in Pune, pop-up at TIFA Working Studios, an artist residency space, on 4th and 5th March, 2017, this time again about 60 zines, about 150 visitors 
pop-up at Blue Tokai café, Bombay, on 10th and 11th March, 2017, about 75 zines this time, about 100 visitors                                                                  
as we move to subsequent venues, we intend to add to the number of zines, as well as keep further refining the set that will ultimately rest at the zine library in Bombay. 
‘bombay  underground’  on  facebook  and  instagram
also  ‘dharavi  art  room’  on  facebook  and  instagram
( Photos via Juxtapose – with permission of organisers )
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After The Sessions


A new comic from Douglas Noble and Sean Azzopardi.
After the sessions is the fourth collaborations between Douglas and Sean, the creators of Sightings of Wallace Sendek, Pirouette and Built of Blood and Bricks.
Over the course of a day, images return unbidden to therapist Karen Quinlan’s memory, brought on by the messy stories and everday complaints of her clients. A key, or a beach, or a sunset. The things that she thought she had left behind. In after the
sesions, Karen will discover that the things she thought were gone are still very much with her.
After The Sessions will debut at Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) In May, and online at Comixology.
Check these sites for more details.
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