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  • Necessary Monsters update

      Necessary Monsters has been quiet for over 18 months. But it lives. Work has started on part 5 of volume three. Wait, volume three? When did this start ? Anyone that has followed Necessary Monsters from the beginning is probably aware that this is a project with a very messed up and idiosyncratic production…

  • Merry Monstermass

    Seasons greetings and best wishes from everyone at Phatcomics.   Please follow and like us:

  • Projects update, what is going on with Phatcomics ?

      As usual, it’s been a while since this blog has been updated. Do people still blog, does anyone still read this ? By the next update we will probably be vaporised in a nuclear firestorm. If not, the next year we see me busy with three projects. The first one released from the dusty…

  • Necessary Monsters – Murderbox

      The next volume of Necessary Monsters is on its way. Diamond details. ( Thanks to Joe Gordon for the hu ) Please follow and like us:

  • Colour

    An example of learning how to colour.

  • Necessary Monsters – update

    These are the covers for issues three and four of Monsters. These will be available at Thought Bubble, then at the Monsters store. More details soon …     Please follow and like us:

  • Update

    This year has been a low output year. But I’m busy getting stuff done. The main time grabber is Necessary Monsters. I am currently finishing up part 4 ( Of 6 ). All four parts will be available for Thought Bubble in a few weeks. It’s a slow process. I draw monsters digitally, and this…

  • Necessary Monsters 2:2

    Necessary Monsters issue two is now complete. More details soon … Please follow and like us:

  • NM 2.2 – cover ( First draft )

    This is a first draft for the NM 2.2 cover. Based on a well known Bond image, with a few tweaks. I am over the half way stage with this book, so it will be finished this year. Then i will be allowed to leave the house for something more interesting than the day job.…

  • Monsters review

    Andy Oliver has reviewed Necessary Monsters 2:1 over on his column. Please follow and like us:

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