50 – Reviewed at Broken Frontier

50 has received a generous review at Broken Frontier.

Don’t miss out on it because this is prime Azzopardi at the absolute top of his game. Without a doubt, one of the standout graphic memoirs of 2017 so far.


Andy and everyone involved does an amazing job covering the huge amount of comics that appear every day.

If you would like to support them support them, sign up to there Patreon.

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50 Update – Best of and in shops


I’m a bit late blogging this, but 50 made the best of the weeks releases at Broken Frontier.

He’s one of the UK’s finest practitioners of autobiographical work and also, quite frankly, one of its most under-rated.

A nice thing to read.

There was also a feature on Down The Tubes.

50 is now in two of the best comic shops in London, Gosh and Orbital.

Both shops are super supportive of self – publishers, and are just amazing shops to visit and hang out.

If you are in the area, drop in and say hi.

Also check out 50.


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Projects update, what is going on with Phatcomics ?



As usual, it’s been a while since this blog has been updated. Do people still blog, does anyone still read this ?

By the next update we will probably be vaporised in a nuclear firestorm.

If not, the next year we see me busy with three projects. The first one released from the dusty and cobwebby Phatcomics distribution centre will be 50. This is my new autobio comic, that will be celebrating reaching a landmark birthday. The page count , imaginatively will be fifty. This will make up a bit for the time it’s taken since the last one, Tracks.

It’s taken a while because I’ve been working on the third Necessary Monsters book. At this moment, four of the six parts are completed.

There is no confirmed completion date, sometime next year would be a good guess. It looks good though, and I think that readers of Monsters will be well served with this volume.

The main project for 2017 will be The Voice Of The Hall. This is the project that secured Arts Council funding, a process that took up a lot of my time in 2015. The project will see me producing a book about Hornsey Town Hall, as narrated by the building.

So it’s going to be a busy year, one which i’m looking forward to.


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50 – A new work in progress

Man, it’s been quiet on this blog. Mainly there has been a load of creative stuff keeping me busy. All will be revealed soon, in the meantime here is a new work in progress, the cover of 50, a comic about a landmark birthday. Here is a cover draft. More updates soon.
Here is a cover draft.

More updates soon.


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