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  • New start

    This is a quick test for a new blog for the Phatcomics website. Thank you.

  • Test

    HI 1

  • Shop update

    The Phatcomics shop is slowly being stocked with new comics. First up is Sightings Of Wallace Sendek. You can also buy digital copies over at Comixology.  

  • CECAF 2018 Exhibitor list

    Here is a final list of exhibitors for CECAF 2018. were so happy to welcome both new and returning exhibitors. It’s a wonderfully talent group and we think its going to an amazing day in The Earl. Centrala
, Avery Hill, David Baillie
, Dan Lester,
 Claude T.C.,Sarah Gordon
, Andy Oliver/Broken Frontier,
 SpaceBabe 113, Soaring Penguin Press,…

  • 1988

    First draft of a cover for 1988, my follow up to 50. I’m hoping that this will be availble this year. Anyone that has followed my output knows this is probably a very optimistic target.      

  • The-Voice-Of-The-Hall-cover.jpg

    The Voice Of The Hall update

    Soaring Penguin, the publisher of The Voice Of The Hall will have advance copies available for CECAF 2018. This is great news ! Please go here for more festival info.

  • Centrala Comics at CECAF 2018

    Centrala comics will be at CECAF for the first time.      

  • Kugali Media at CECAF 2018

    CECAF are really happy to welcome Kugali media to the Earl for the first time.  

  • Decadence Comics at CECAF 2018

    The Awesome Decadence comics will be at CECAF 2018.

  • Rachael Ball at CECAF 2018

    Rachael will be gracing the Great hall once more.