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  • The Voice Of The Hall – Book signing

    I will be signing copies of The Voice Of The Hall at Waterstones, Crouch End. September 27th, time TBC More details to follow.

  • Sketchbook pages

    I have been adding sketchbook pages to my Instagram feed. I’m going to port over to launching them from here, so there will be better version soon.

  • How to support Phatcomics

    It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been a busy time, finishing up projects and starting new ones. I have updated my patreon page. In the next few weeks I’m going to posting reformatted Autobio pages for a new project titled, Before I Forget. It’s a long term project, the intention is to…

  • New start

    This is a quick test for a new blog for the Phatcomics website. Thank you.

  • 1988

    First draft of a cover for 1988, my follow up to 50. I’m hoping that this will be availble this year. Anyone that has followed my output knows this is probably a very optimistic target.      

  • The-Voice-Of-The-Hall-cover.jpg

    The Voice Of The Hall update

    Soaring Penguin, the publisher of The Voice Of The Hall will have advance copies available for CECAF 2018. This is great news ! Please go here for more festival info.

  • Sightings of Wallace Sendek

    More Sendek, coming soon A new, expanded version of Sightings of Wallace Sendek by Douglas Noble and myself will be out soon. During the past week or so, we have posted some of the fake adverts for Sendek’s brief discography that were put together. For more info and other excellent comics go and support Douglas.

  • Phatcomics publications

      Phatcomics publications are avaible through these shops For download/digital options go to the following. Comixology Gumroad Amazon kindle For mailed-out analogue go here. Big Cartel For everything else look in the shop.  

  • Malta – 2017

      I am returning Malta for Comic-Con 2017. Really looking forward to it. Malta Comic Con is one of my favourite conventions. It’s run by some great people who with enthusiasm energy and and friendliness built an amazing event. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the very first event way back in 2009.…

  • Twelve Hour Shift – Ten years old !

    ( Comica, ICA. 2007) It’s ten years since my first comic with a spine was self-published. Twelve Hour Shift took four years to complete. Compared to Comics that followed that was quite a short period of time. I had no idea what I was doing, making it up as went along. I created a stand-in,…