Before I forget




This is a rough for the cover of Before I forget.

I’m re-working my autobio comics, editing re-drawing and lettering. I’m going to be posting them on my Patreon account. The long term goal is to collect them all into a single work. How this will fall I’m not sure, as it’s currently around 300 pages, and rising.

if you don’t know what Patreon is, its a way of supporting creative activity on a regular payment schedule, for a little as a pound. I have mine set up that you only pay when I post content.

All monies will go towards printing more comics.





Malta 2018

I have been invited as a guest for Malta Comic Con, 2018. This is great news for me, MCC is one of my favourite comic events. This year will be really special as it is the tenth. Ten years, passed by so fast. More updates soon.