Twelve Hour Shift

Okay. I’m not sure how this is going to work out, i’m going to post a page a day of the finished work for THS.
So staring tonight i am going to post a bumper two pages. The original issue was published in September 2004. It was a rage against employment , creativity, a real froth of stress rage. Rather than make it an autobiographical tale, i created the character Steve Jones. In this issue we join him in his garden, going over the mess he finds himself in .

Issue four title page.

If this has made it to my Livejournal page, then it is a signal that the sketchbook entries are on hold for a moment.
I am now going to post comic pages, specifically pages from Twelve Hour Shift.
If you are new to my stuff, THS is a mini comic that i have published for nearly three years. It follows the story of Steve jones, who works
in various places around london as a concierge.
I have nearly completed the sixth issue, and the plan is to collect them in a book, and they will be published by Engine comics later this year.


New and shiny!

Here is a page from issue four of Twelve Hour Shift. This has been toned with grey scale.
I am currently converting all the pages to this format.

Twelve Hour Shift sample page.