Sightings of Wallace Sendek – Broken Frontier and Comixology

Today marks the release of  Wallace Sendek.

It has featured as comic of the week at Broken Frontier

As a writer Douglas Noble is one of the unsung geniuses of UK indie comics. I once described his work as “fiercely intelligent” and it’s still baffling to me that his profile isn’t far, far higher outside of the British small press circuit. His comics experiment with, interrogate and sometimes even subvert the form, constantly reminding us that we’re still only scratching the surface of this medium’s boundless possibilities.

It is available at Comixology.

Karen Rubins – Comic Turns

Karen will be exhibiting at CECAF and will be selling her latest work, Comic Turns.

COMIC TURNS – Create Infinite Stories

Comic Turns is a card game created by Karen Rubins, now campaigning on Kickstarter from Wednesday 7th February – Tuesday 13th March

About the game:

Comic Turns is a comics storytelling game system – a deck of cards where each has a comic panel all carefully designed so that they can be arranged in any order to make countless new comic strips and infinite stories.

Comic Turns is suitable for all ages from 7 upwards. It contains no words, meaning it can be played anywhere with speakers of any language, as well as being accessible for children and adults with low literacy or difficulty reading. There is great potential for Comic Turns to be used as an educational aid not just for making comics and creative writing, but for literacy, language learning and discussion.

Comic Turns is an extremely versatile and fun game, with four different ways to play included in the deck: A warm-up activity to get the creative juices flowing, two collaborative games, and a competitive game. Each are suitable for ages 7+ and for 1-6 players. But this is not the end … There are many different ways to play, perhaps infinite ways. Players will be encouraged to submit their own ideas for games to the Comic Turns website, and more “official” rules will be added too, so that Comic Turns is constantly evolving.

About the creator:

Karen Rubins is a comics artist from London, UK. She is known for her work on The Phoenix, as well as numerous indie titles, Urban Beasts, Blood Magic, The Tale of Tony Cinderello to name a few.

In 2009, she was the V&A’s Comics Art Resident, spending six months in this world-class museum making artwork, teaching workshops and holding open studio events. This was when the idea for Comic Turns was first conceived, as a deck of comic strip playing cards called Hand of Fate…

Karen has been teaching comics for adults, kids and teens for the past ten years, working with schools, libraries and museums across the UK and  abroad. Students and educators alike loved Hand of Fate and found it great for learning and teaching. Comics pros who support Comic Turns include Karrie Fransman, Leah Moore and David Lloyd.


Kickstarter Campaign:

Comic Turns Official Website:

Karen’s Official Website and Blog:

Twitter: @kazmantra